‘The Lady’ Magazine features Tipple Tails fruit cake prizes

We are delighted that Tipple Tails fruit cakes feature as the Star Readers Letter’s prize in ‘The Lady’ Magazine during the month of March.

“The Lady is England’s longest running weekly magazine for women and has been in continuous publication since 1885. The Lady is celebrated both for the quality of its editorial pages, and the classified advertisements, but above all its spirit and timeless values.

The magazine was founded by Thomas Gibson Bowles, the maternal grandfather of the Mitford sisters. Bowles also founded the English magazine Vanity Fair.

The Lady comprised of articles documenting social news, housekeeping, fashion and cookery. Her aim was to educate, inform and entertain her female readers on a weekly basis.

Out-running her competitors, The Lady survived The Great Depression (1930-31) and both World Wars, enjoying remarkable profits in the early 1940s and 50s.

To date her contributors have included Nancy Mitford, Stella Gibbons and more recently, John Humphrys.

The Lady continues to flourish, catering for the modern, intellectual woman. The Lady celebrated her 125th Anniversary in February 2010.”

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