Reviews of Tipple Tails Fruit Cakes


Fiona Wain

“Coco Bazaar is amazing! I’m going to have to buy a few for the festive period. It’s like all of my favourite flavours combined in a fruit cake which I also love! I think I’m going to buy my husband the Cinnamon Pippin too. He will love it!”

Jill Birch

“I love the Ginger Tingle cake, please could you let me know where I can buy them in West and North Yorkshire?”

Ruth Lilley

“I LOVE these cakes. I’ve always enjoyed a bit of fruit cake, but these are absolutely delicious. Having tried all three cakes (all in the name of research you understand!), it’s hard to decide which is my favourite. I think it would have to be a joint first prize between Cherry Orchard and Ginger Tingle. Not only do they make a perfect treat for yourself, but they make lovely gifts too! Keep up the good work!”

Ian & Michelle Gill

“We bought one of your fruit cakes, the cherry one which your husband recommended and, Oh My Goodness – how wonderful, heaven!”

Amazed at how good tipple tails fruit cake is

Raymond & Claire Pinn

“Thank you for the cakes, which were delivered on Thursday as promised. Jean was asked not to open them but could not resist the sealed packages and liked your card. We were only allowed to have one of the cakes while we were visiting – the Ginger one and that was very nice. Jean was saving the other to have tea with several of the other residents but I feel sure it will be just as enjoyable as the one we had. Good luck with the business. The cakes, packaging, tins and the overall presentation is first class.”

Mini Cherry Orchard Fruit Cake

Michelle Walker

“I have just had the great pleasure of sampling your Tipple Tails cake at Blacker Hall Farm today. I have to say I loved, loved, loved them. I can’t wait to order a few of them. Roll on payday!”

Excited about Tipple Tails Fruit Cake

Enjoying Fruit cake

Our Tipple Tails Story Tile

Philip Plimmer

“Just to say we cut into the cake yesterday and is STUNNING! The best fruit cake we have ever tasted, in fact, I would even buy one as a Christmas cake.”

Tipple Tails Values as a cake maker

Debbie Brady

“Thank you for the lovely Cherry Orchard cake, which arrived today for my birthday. What a lovely surprise! Can’t wait to get home to a nice strong cup of Yorkshire tea, a good mature chunk of cheddar cheese and a big slice of your intoxicating cake. Think I’m going to have to hide the tin somewhere before the others sniff it out! Lovely packaging by the way.”

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