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Made in Sheffield, Tipple Tails yummy fruit cakes evoke memories of favourite pastimes, friends and family occasions, delicious food, summer afternoons and cosy winter evenings; the smell of cut grass, kicking up autumn leaves, waking up to the smell of baking and coffee in the morning.

The Tipple Tails story began in 2012 with craft baker and founder, Jane Stammers who, passionate about sustainability and with a wealth of experience in the local food arena, developed a range of luxury fruit cakes using really great ingredients, and supporting local businesses to produce delicious moist fruit cakes, packed with fruit and nuts and infused with unusual tipples – cake which is really worth eating! 

Ginger tingle delicious fruit cake
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After 9 years of developing and building the Tipple Tails luxury fruit cake business, with an award-winning brand; multiple award-winning products and an army of happy, loyal customers who have enjoyed them, it was time for Jane to move on to new things. You won’t be surprised to hear that making sure that Tipple Tails was taken on by someone sharing the same ethos was very important to Jane, so at Regather Co-operative we are proud to be the new owners of the Tipple Tails brand. We are based in Sheffield, and the project will be lead by Gareth Roberts.

Regather is a worker owned community benefit society, run with co-operative values. We are a thriving community of local people working through food to contribute to a better, sustainable, shared future globally. We have a successful veg box scheme and online shop; and a busy, developing 15-acre farm, with a Market Garden, an orchard on the edge of Sheffield in the beautiful Moss Valley.

Our cakes are still hand crafted with great care, big on flavour and really very good to eat – just lovely, uncomplicated food.

We are passionate about taking care of our little piece of the world and have taken lots of care with our choice of packaging materials too. Each cake is wrapped in a biodegradable cellophane bag and tied with bakers twine which is made in Lancashire. Even the little paper cake cases are made in the Peak District and the pretty tin that the cake is packaged in, comes from a long-standing tin maker in London and can be used over and over again for all sorts of things, especially another Tipple Tails cake.

Our cakes are handcrafted with great care, big on flavour and really good to eat – just lovely, uncomplicated food.

Ginger and Walnut in fruit cake
Total Fruit cake slices with champagne
Eating delicious fruit cake with coffee and tea
Cherry Orchard fruit cake

There are five very more-ish cakes in the Tipple Tails range: Ginger Tingle, which is packed with stem ginger, walnuts and plump, juicy vine fruit and steeped in mouth-tingling Jamaica Ginger Cake liqueur; Cherry Orchard, bursting with almonds and cherries and steeped in fragrant Cherry Bakewell Tart liqueur; Cinnamon Pippin, full of plump juicy sultanas and hazelnuts and spiced in tummy-warming Cinnamon Apple Crumble liqueur; Coco Bazaar, an exotic and luxurious chocolate fruit cake, full of flavours of the east including chocolate, pistachios, honey, cardamom and plump, juicy vine fruits and laced with heady Rose Geranium & Turkish Delight Liqueur; and Total Fruit Cake bursting with dates, apricots, nuts and vine fruits, infused with Sheffield Honey and ‘Full Monty’ tea – delicious, moist fruit cake, perfect to take on a bike ride; pop into your rucksack or lunch box or even your pocket for when you are on the move.

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