Good things always come in threes!

People often say that good things come in threes! This has proven to be true this Autumn with the awards that Tipple Tails has both won and been nominated for.
First the Highly Commended Award at the White Rose Awards, then being nominated for Best Independent Business of the Year at the Yorkshire Choice Awards – and the third piece of great news was winning the Producers Bursary Award at the BBC Good Food Show that took place in Birmingham at the end of November.
It was so exciting to be at a big Consumer Trade Show, particularly having won a Producers Bursary Award, as being a small independent producer it is hard to find the budget for such large shows.
It was a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about Tipple Tails and introduce our story and range of cakes and gifts to a wider audience.
What was wonderful was being able to hear feedback from many people from all over the country who were seeing the Tipple Tails experience for the first time. This extract from a letter I received just after the show summarises all the feedback I got during the show very succinctly:
“I just want you to know how beautiful your cake is. From the minute I took the lid off the tin the smell was gorgeous. It was moist warming and so full of flavour. I appreciate good ingredients and hard work that goes into producing good food. Thank you again – I am sure many people will continue to enjoy your cakes in the future.”
Here’s a picture of our stand – we enjoyed making it as pretty and Christmassy as possible!

Shopping Basket