Total Fruit Cake – perfect energy boost for cyclists and other sports people!

A visit to specialist bike shop Bicicielo in Birmingham saw the beginning of a new journey into the world of the cyclists & their passion for good cake for Tipple Tails.

Chatting to owner Andy Collis over a coffee, while hubby George got the low down on the latest bikes, led to a topic seemingly very dear to every cyclist’s heart! Having learned that Jane made fruit cakes, Andy asked if she could send him some; cyclists are not necessarily all that keen on the nutrition bars available to them – but fruit cake – now you’re talking!

And so Total Fruit Cake was born.

The fruit cake was developed by working with George’s cycling group over several months & in conjunction with Andy. No booze in this one – bursting with dates, apricots, nuts & vine fruits, the fruit is infused with Sheffield Honey & Sheffield’s Birdhouse Tea Company ‘Full Monty’ tea. Delicious, moist fruit cake, perfect for when you need that extra oomph!

Of course, the cakes are made with Longley Farm Butter, local Free Range Eggs & Flour from Driffield in Yorkshire.

Available in slices, they are designed to slide into a pocket or pop into a rucksack side pocket; perfect for a pack-up!

In keeping with Jane’s ethos to take care of her bit of our beautiful world, the cake slice features minimal, biodegradable packaging – easy to take with you until you find a bin!

The cake slices are available in boxes of 14 slices in a fab shelf ready box, and are available in lots of outlets around Sheffield. They are also available at the newly launched Sheffield-based sport and nutrition online shop Beat the Bonk

2 thoughts on “Total Fruit Cake – perfect energy boost for cyclists and other sports people!”

  1. My sister bought me a box of Total Fruit Cake after we saw a documentary saying for those with low appetite caused by illness you can get as many nutrients from a slice of fruit cake than you can from meat and two veg which is a whole plate of food which has to be eaten. My sister, being one of the best, bought me a box and this week for the first time in a year I haven’t lost weight. My GP IS SMILING.

    1. Hi Kate

      Thank you for posting! I hope that you enjoyed the Total Fruit Cake too! It tastes really good – one of my favourites! Great to hear that it has given you a boost – hope that you have plenty left and that it is still doing the trick? #extraoomph

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