Three Special Occasions to spread a little happiness with a Fruit Cake Gift

Whilst January may be a long, quiet month for many, as soon as we get into February there are lots of special occasions to look forward to – and ones where you can really enjoy some good food! Pancake Day is a must in our house and despite the commerciality of Valentine’s Day today, I still do like to mark the day in some way – cooking a very special meal together is for me a lovely way to celebrate.
And of course Tipple Tails cakes do make a perfect Valentine’s gift! Coco Bazaar – the latest edition to our range would make an ideal gift instead of the usual box of chocolates – a mysterious and unusual chocolate fruit cake with an eastern twist, laced with pistachios and honey, spiced with cardamom and infused with an exotic Chocolate Rose liqueur.


The beginning of the most popular customs linked with Saint Valentine’s Day can almost certainly be traced back to the Middle Ages when it was thought that on 14th February the birds began to choose their mates.

Hot on the heels of Valentine’s Day comes Mother’s Day on 5th March – a perfect time for families to spend time together and reunite, especially if, like mine your grown-up children are all living in different parts of the country.
And Mother’s Day just isn’t the same without a cake – and you can be sure to find your mum’s favourite amongst our range of Tipple Tails fruit cakes – from the traditional to the more exotic. All handcrafted with love and care and infused with unusual award-winning liqueurs to make them extra special.

During the mid seventeenth century, those people working in service would be given the day off to visit their mothers who they may not have seen for many months. It was custom to take her a present, a bunch of flowers or something special to eat! A real treat!

Easter is very early this year and also falls in March; traditionally a time for giving chocolate Easter Eggs to adults and children alike! Easter is certainly a time for eating fruit cake – Simnel cake has long been a tradition at Easter time. For those of you who don’t want to or haven’t got the time to bake a fruit cake, there are plenty of cakes to choose from in the Tipple Tails range, either to eat at home together or to gift someone when visiting family or friends.

How about giving an Easter present with a twist this year – Cherry Orchard fruit cake, bursting with Cherries & Almonds & plump, juicy vine fruits, and steeped in fragrant Cherry & Almond liqueur would make an ideal present instead of an Easter Egg or a Simnel Cake, and you can choose from a larger cake in a tin or mini treat sized cakes.


Easter was originally an Anglo-Saxon pagan festival to celebrate Eostre, the goddess of spring and fertility. Rabbits or ‘bunnies’ are modern symbols of Easter but originally it was the hare; associated with the Goddess Eostre which portrayed spring, and the Easter Egg represents new life.

Whatever the gifting occasion – do pop by our online shop and find the perfect gift to send by post and put a smile on someone’s face.

“Yesterday we ordered this cake as a gift for a dedicated cherry lover and a day later it’s arrived! … Cherry-lover LOVED your Cherry Orchard fruit cake – the whole cherries are acely flavoursome, but the bonus were the fab whole-almonds … super and stand-out compared to other fruit cakes. The gift-card that you added was a lovely design. All round SOOPER DOOPS!!! Thank you!”
Emma, Suffolk

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