Why Farm Shop and Deli Cafés Love our Fruit Cakes!

 A lovely range of Tipple Tails Fruit Cakes

When I started out a few years ago I began by supplying local Yorkshire farmshops and delis with my first two luxury fruit cakes in pretty cake tins.  My range has now grown to include four tinned fruit cakes, the four varieties of mini fruit cakes and Total Fruit Cake slices.

Farm Shop and Deli Cafés

At the same time as my range was growing, farm shops and delis were changing too, with many of them introducing cafés alongside their shop, and those with cafés expanding them and putting even more focus on them.  Customers were definitely showing signs of wanting to sit in and enjoy a quality drink and some tasty fresh local food having done their shop, be it a cake, a full lunch or afternoon tea.

Very quickly farmshop and deli owners realised that if they sold produce in their cafés that customers could then buy from their shop, this was a good way to increase sales!  Some savvy farmshop and deli owners make sure they mention this on menus/blackboards to encourage these purchases!

Tipple Tails Fruit Cakes on the menu!

My mini fruit cakes were ideal contenders to be included on café menus and recently they have been finding their way into more and more cafés – and not just in Yorkshire anymore!

Customers love unwrapping the little fruit cake themselves, and reading all about the Tipple Tails story and the quality local ingredients that go into each cake.

As well as the minis I also supply cafés, and bars and hotels with large fruitcakes that they can slice and serve themselves. Some of my customers serve them with wedges of cheese as a dessert – which goes down very well – particularly in Yorkshire!

Finally, my Total Fruit Cake doesn’t get left out!  These generous slices of fruit cake, packed full of power, are making a name for themselves as the ‘go-to’ energy snack for when out cycling and walking and are finding a place for themselves near the café till as an impulse purchase for people to take away with them and eat later.

If you have a favourite farm shop or deli café, a café, bar or restaurant near you where you would like to see my Tipple Tails cakes do let me know on [email protected]

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