Tipple Tails journey into colour

I don’t get to see my best friend Debbie nearly enough since I moved from Hampshire to Sheffield so getting together the other weekend was precious time to catch up with all the news over a farm shop brunch, a couple of rounds of bowling on a soggy Saturday afternoon and a yummy pub dinner. As you might expect over copious amounts of tea (and a little bit of wine), our topics included children (well, young adults!!!), families, holidays and planned adventures and of course work!

I was telling Debs all about my journey into the world of Cakes and local food businesses and all the lovely people I have met. Explaining how I already needed to move from my base at the kitchen table to somewhere more permanent in the house, I told her I was turning my eldest son’s old room into the new Tipple Tails headquarters!

“I hope you are using corporate colours”, said Debbie. “Yes!”, was my reply, “but by coincidence rather than design. I am using up left over paint from other decorating projects that have been done around the house”.

On reflection though, the fact that I have pots of paint which fit the Tipple Tails brand colour palette is no accident at all! And so began the Tipple Tails journey into colour!

Tonik, the Sheffield Branding and Design business who I chose to help me turn my ideas into beautiful visual designs, include colour psychology as an essential part of the design process to make sure that the final brand design really does communicate all the values and ethos of both the company and the products that are very important to me but also to my customers.

Sarah from Tonik talks about the design process for the Tipple Tails brand on her blog: http://brandingbytonik.co.uk/branding-mood-board-tippletails/

We use colour in practically every part of our lives – from helping with everyday tasks to traditional, religious and ceremonial activities.

Studies of Colour have shown that people respond instinctively in very different ways to colour and it can cause actual psychological changes to take place in human beings – this is known as chromo-dynamics. Blue rooms, for example, feel cooler than those painted in warm orange hues, and athletes exposed to the colour red before an event react with greater speed and force.

The Tipple Tails cakes are very dear to my heart and the values I have for my business and my products are very personal. Hardly surprising then that the colours I have used around the house reflect those values and that is why my left over paints fit almost perfectly with the Tipple Tails colour palette!

The colours in the Tipple Tails brand are what gives it it’s personality and are influenced by ‘Summer’. The Summer colour psychology personality is graceful, aspirational, timeless, upmarket, orderly, dependable and pays great attention to detail. Colour palettes are be light, hazy, muted and elegant – think Farrow & Ball!

Pink induces feelings of calm, warmth, protection and nrture and evokes femininity, innocence, softness, health and friendliness.

Yellow a happy, uplifting colour, evokes positivity and sunshine creating happiness and warmth.

Green creates feelings of comfort, relaxation and calmness and evokes tranquility, health and freshness.

Blue is also calming and evokes dignity and faithfulness.

Lavender evokes sophistication, spirituality, high ideals, creativity, compassionate,

sensitivity to beauty, elegance and grace.

Brown is homely and suggests earthiness, woodsy-ness and subtle richness.

White is the colour of ultimate purity bringing feelings of peace and comfort.

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